King of Spades

Blogging, and other types of 'fluid' content creation, is a critical element of a successful social media marketing campaign. Regular blogging both increases the likelihood of a match with search words and it shows search engines that a website is active and fresh. But where show the blog be hosted?

A blog should live on the domain of your business.

The best location for your blog is in a folder within your website's domain name. For example The next best solution is within a subdomain on your website, for example:

Why is it important that your blog is part of your website?

  1. The blog content ( reinforces the domain name it belongs to ( If your blog is, for example,, the search value of the content goes to the domain name, even though you might have links back to your main website from it.
  2. Usually, the owner of the domain configures everything in it to suit their needs, not necessarily the needs of the owner of a blog coat-tailing within it. In other words, your blogging efforts, when not on a domain name you own and control, may go towards strengthening someone else's domain.
  3. Domains you do not have control over can be deleted, damaged or compromised in other ways.

blogging on your own domain name