Ace of Spades

A central requirement of an effective website is that it works well across all device types. That includes smartphones, tables, laptops and desktops. This characteristic is referred to as Responsive, although Adaptive might have been a better word, more quickly understood by non-technical people with a business on the Internet.

What doe Responsive mean? A website is Responsive if it adjusts in appearance and behavior to the device it is being viewed or used on.

Although a non-responsive website may be viewed on a smartphone screen, it displays the same screen layout and content, regardless of which device is being used to visit the website.

Search engines promote Responsive websites over non-Responsive ones. Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of a website, offering a visitor a more pleasant and useful experience, in addition to satisfying search engine requriements for better placement in search results.

a responsive website adapts to the device it is being viewed upon